Interior de los talleres de Acero Robert (Juan Luna y Novicio, 1893. BN.Rialia. Industria museoa

Whispers next to the painting ‘Interior de los talleres de Acero Robert’

Whispers next to the painting  ‘Interior de los talleres de Acero Robert.’


The picture is an image of La Vizcaya; it can be identified because of the Robert converter, a French converter quite similar to the Bessemer. The Ibarra family had bought the license for the Bessemer converters to be used in Altos Hornos de Bilbao. Hence, Victor Chávarri had to set up different converters in La Vizcaya.

In this landscape of fire are a group of men with their hands in their pockets, standing in a circle, talking about the company being built around them.

Meanwhile, immersed in their working day, workers carry water, move spades full of slag, handle burning mineral, hold iron chains and survive the suffocating heat.

In 1902, Altos Hornos de Bilbao, La Vizcaya and La Iberia united to make Altos Hornos de Vizcaya.


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