In a quick glance, tracing the History of Portugalete, we could practically get to know the history of Bizkaia:

  • From the founding of the Port and Villa in the 14th century, the Middle Ages and the fights between Banderizos: the Salazars, who erected the tower-house that bears their name at the end of the 15th century;
  • The Carlist Wars, in which, during the Third Carlist War (1871-1875), the Villa suffered the siege of supporters of D. Carlos; from July 1873 to March 1874, the besiegers took Portugalete;
  • The industrial Bizkaia of the 19th century, both as the cradle of great businessmen and the arrival of the Bilbao-Portugalete railway in 1888, the construction of the suspension bridge in 1893, the iron pier in 1887 that multiplied port activity by two;
  • The expansion of Portugalete and urban development with the promotion of the Las Arenas de Portugalete expansion project, which dates from 1867 by the businessman Luciano Urízar Echevarría;
  • Leisure and free time with its beach and spa, since its coastal location, together with its beach and spa, motivated the new bourgeoisie to establish their summer residence in Portugalete, erecting palaces on the edge of the estuary and on the coast; or training activities such as the Nautical School;
  • Navigation to other seas, shipbuilding, the Abra as an emblematic place of marine biodiversity…

A whole world of possibilities.